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AIE kicks off Development Consent Process

AIE has taken the first step in the official planning assessment process for the Port Kembla Gas Terminal.

We have lodged our Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) with the NSW Government. The document is available here on the NSW Department of Planning’s Major Projects webpage.

This document will be reviewed by the Government and they will then issue AIE with its Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs).

These SEARs will detail the studies and assessments that will need to be included in AIE’s Port Kembla Gas Terminal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

This work will include assessments of environment, safety, noise, social impacts, economics and extensive stakeholder and community engagement.

We aim to lodge our EIS later this year.

It will then be placed on public exhibition and the community and stakeholders will be able to make submissions on the EIS, which the Government will consider during its assessment process.

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