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Modification Report on Public Exhibition

In late October, AIE lodged its Scoping Report with the NSW Department of Planning, seeking a modification to our existing infrastructure consent to better satisfy seasonal demand for natural gas.

We have now completed the required assessments of potential changes to impacts from this seasonally variable model and early last week submitted our completed Modification Report to the Department for consideration.

The modification would enable us to move from a constant throughput model to a variable throughput model, allowing the Terminal to meet both potential industrial customers’ needs for constant supply, and potential retailers’ need to respond to variable household demands for more gas in winter and less gas in summer.

There are no changes to the footprint or construction elements of the project. The changes are limited to the operational settings of the Floating Storage & Regasification (FSRU) ship and an increase in the number of LNG carrier ships servicing the FSRU annually.

The Modification Report will be on public exhibition from Dec 4th to Dec 18th.

During this public exhibition period, hard-copies of the report can be viewed at either the Wollongong City Council offices or the Department of Planning’s offices.

Wollongong City Council,
41 Burelli St Wollongong

Department of Planning and Environment
Level 30, 320 Pitt Street Sydney

The MOD can be viewed at and on the environmental approvals section of our website (link)

Public submissions can be made between the 4th and 18th of December, either online

or via mail to:

Executive Director, Resource Assessments
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
GPO Box 39
Sydney NSW 2001

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