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Environmental Approvals

Regulatory and approval documents prior to Development Consent

In June 2018, Port Kembla was announced by AIE as the preferred location for its proposed energy import terminal.

Later that month the Project was declared Critical State Significant Infrastructure (CSSI) by the NSW Government, meaning it was deemed to be essential for NSW’s economic, social and/or environmental benefit. The CSSI designation clearly set out the approval pathway the Project needed to follow and delivered the clearest possible planning assessment pathway and timeframe.

Documents from each step of the assessment process can be viewed at the NSW Government’s Major Projects website and also via the links below:

July 2018 – AIE submitted its Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) to the NSW Government, outlining the scope of the proposed Project. View the PEA here.

August 2018 – The NSW Government issued its Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) following its review of the PEA. The SEARs detailed the studies and assessments required to be included in the Project’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). View the SEARs here.

November 2018 – AIE lodged the EIS for the Project with the NSW Government. The EIS is over 2000 pages long. It contains scientific assessments on areas including: hazard and risk; air quality; noise; traffic; marine ecology; water resources; waste management; heritage; soils and contamination; landscape and visual and social and economic impacts. It also includes a series of management measures to help minimise any impacts of the Project. View the EIS here.

November 14 through to December 14, 2018 – The EIS was placed on public exhibition. A total of twenty-three submissions were received from Government agencies, interest groups, businesses and individuals.

February 2019 – AIE lodged its Response to Submissions document with the NSW Government. View the Response to Submissions here.

Development Consent

In April 2019 – Development Consent approving the Project was issued by the NSW Government, following a thorough review of the EIS and Response to Submissions. View the approval here.


In November 2019, AIE submitted a Modification Report to the Department of Planning for assessment. The Report assessed the impacts of Modifications to the approved Project scope to cater for seasonality in energy demand. View the Report here.

In February 2020, AIE submitted a Submissions Report in response to submissions received during the Public Exhibition of the Modification Report. View the report here.

On April 20, 2020 the NSW Government approved the Modification, allowing for an increase in energy throughput at the Terminal. View the approval on the NSW Major Projects website.

In August 2020, AIE requested a minor Modification to the Compliance Reporting Guideline for the Project. View the Modification here.

In September 2020, the NSW Government approved the Modification. Schedule 4, Condition 7 of the approval now makes reference to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s current compliance reporting guideline.

In September 2021, AIE requested a minor modification to update the Schedule of Lands. View the Modification here.

In October 2021, the NSW Government approved the Modification. Appendix 1, of the approval now includes two additional Lots of Land. makes reference to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s current compliance reporting guideline.

In September 2022, AIE requested a modification to the approval to allow for the relocation of natural materials to an offshore area in Outer Harbour. The option for offshore disposal is a last-resort contingency to be utilised only if necessary during the construction of the Outer Harbour Emplacement Cell. View the modification here 

In October 2022, the NSW Government approved the modification.

View the consolidated approval here

Regulatory and approval documents post- Development Consent

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